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Love the idea of having unique furniture that is different than what you’ll find in area stores and allows you to have more input into the piece of being built (not just a choice of fabric or foam). The MBU Furniture line is the perfect way to complete your decor. Carefully crafted to the same quality standards as our fully customized pieces, our furniture line designs are an affordable way to finish your floor plan with furniture made for you.

With our furniture line, you can choose from many styles designed by owners Nick, Michael and Angie Marconi. A wide range of looks are available, so you can choose something that suits your sense of style and the theme for your space. You have the freedom to choose the fabrics and finishes that you prefer, and then we’ll complete one of our already designed frames with the materials that you specify. You always have the choice of foam density and you can raise and lower heights a couple of inches at no extra charge.

We offer in our furniture line

Couches, Loveseats, Loungers

Pushback chairs



When you choose the MBU furniture line, you’ll save money on the cost of decorating, but you won’t have to compromise quality. Our pieces are every bit as sturdy and durable as our fully custom designs.

You may ask why our MBU furniture line is less expensive that our custom furniture line. You see, custom furniture involves additional time and labor in laying out the frames, springs, padding and fabrics and determining the best construction for each piece. Our furniture line designs are created using patterns that we have developed over the years, making construction less time consuming and saving you money. There is no difference in the quality of construction, just in the amount of time involved.

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MBU Interiors

8294 Lakeshore Blvd.

Mentor, OH 44060